About Us

Here, Every Rep Counts.

We always say every rep counts. Each rep is a chance to make progress; each rep gets you one step closer to reaching your fitness or performance goals.

Our entire staff is trained—and certified—to provide the best instruction on sports performance and exercise science. 

Dean Bryan, Co-Owner / Sports Performance Coach

A true Pittsburgh native and former college football player, Dean has two decades of experience as a youth and collegiate athletic trainer. He'll push you hard. But with his humor and wit, there's no such thing as a boring session.

Favorite Exercise: Squat
Favorite Sport:

Chico Orlando, Co-Owner / Sports Performance Coach

As a tight end, Chico led Truman State University in touchdowns during his final season. Since Truman, Chico has leveraged his Exercise Science degree to become certified in physiology as well as strength and conditioning. When he's not at The Grind, Chico's definitely lounging at home with his little boy and girl.

Favorite Exercise: Bench Press
Favorite Sport:

Sam Bekemeier, Sports Performance Coach / Personal Trainer

Sam grew up as a multi-sport athlete in the Saint Louis area, playing sports
like baseball, basketball, golf, football and now is an endurance athlete competing in Ironmans. After receiving his bachelors in Health Sciences, he
wanted to become a personal trainer to help others better understand health and fitness.

Favorite Exercise: Pull-ups
Favorite Sport:

Christiana Clark, Sports Performance Coach

Christiana is a passionate and driven personal trainer, who thrives on her love for weightlifting and bodybuilding. Her relentless pursuit of goals is not just a journey but a source of joy. Christiana is a nationally qualified bodybuilder, having placed top 3 in all of the classes she has competed in. Eager to share her passion, she inspires others to find fulfillment in their own achievements. Outside the gym, she finds peace in nature, often taking hikes and walks.

Favorite Exercise: RDL
Favorite Sport: Baseball

Jaylen Jefferson, Sports Performance Coach

Jaylen recently graduated with an Exercise Science degree from Truman State university where he also played football for 4 years. He was one of the nation's best Return specialists. Jaylen is also a professional athlete as he currently plays Arena Football! He loves helping others especially when it comes to health and fitness! 

Favorite Exercise: Deadlift
Favorite Sport: Football

Andrew Kramer, Sports Performance Coach / Nutrition Coach

Drew’s background as a former competitive cyclist, now CrossFit level 1 Trainer and competitor has helped broaden his training experience and knowledge to best help his clients.

With a Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science and minor in Nutrition, and experience working with the Olympic BMX team, he will help guide you along your fitness journey having fun along the way.

Favorite Exercise: Crossfit
Favorite Sport: Cycling

Ashley Mann, Office Manager

Ashley has been a critical member of The Grind team for over five years! She's the glue, making sure our trainers, athletes, and clients are comfortable in an environment where they can succeed. From social media to customer service, Ashley has us covered.

Favorite Exercise: Squat
Favorite Sport: Hockey

Lindsay Poitras, Sports Performance Coach

Lindsay will play any sport she can get on a team for.  Her drive to always be better than yesterday helped her contribute to the 4x100m record at Fox High School and then pursue a BS in exercise science where she ran NCAA D3 track and cross country and earned Track and Field All Conference Honors in the steeple chase, pole vault, 4x100m, DMR, and 3k and also 2nd team All Conference in Cross Country.  Now, you can find her pursuing her Doctorate in Chiropractic care (pending graduation in December 2024) to help rehab her athletes back to their sport and out of the doctor’s office.

Favorite Exercise: Clean & Jerk
Favorite Sport:

Kassidy Raney, Sports Performance Coach

Kassidy grew up in St. Louis playing softball and lifting weights through middle school and high school. She has a passion for helping others become more confident and to feel more comfortable being in the gym.

Favorite Exercise: Heel Elevated Squats
Favorite Sport:

Matt Sapienza, Sports Performance Coach

Matt grew up in the Saint Louis area and played basically every sport growing up. As he got older, tennis became his main sport but still played soccer every so often. He graduated from Lindenwood University with an Exercise Science degree and a minor in Nutrition. He has worked with young athletes since August 2022 and has been personal training since November
2019. His love and passion for helping younger athletes and general clients speaks for itself. When he is not in the gym, Matt is spending time with his wife and dog.

Favorite Exercise: Barbell RDL
Favorite Sport:

Tyler Steinkamp, Manager

Simply put, Tyler is a technician. While at Lindenwood University, he competed on the Olympic Weightlifting Team. He also earned a B.S. in Exercise Science with a minor in Fitness Management and Wellness. Need random trivia facts? Ask Tyler about Jurassic Park.

Favorite Exercise: Power Clean
Favorite Sport:
Olympic Weightlifting