The Grind Athlete

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The Grind Athletes Have Attended 150+ Colleges & Universities

The Grind has trained athletes who've gone on to compete at the Division I, Division II, and Division III level. We train you to reach your full potential.

Preparing You For Any Sport

Football, basketball, soccer, softball, lacrosee, track...and the list goes on. We train The Grind Athletes who compete in many different sports—at the high school and college level.

The Grind Athlete Schedule


Monday: 11am and 6pm
Tuesday: 6pm
Wednesday: 11am and 6pm 
Thursday: 6pm
Friday: 5pm
Saturday: 10am
(314) 939-1345


Monday: 6pm
Tuesday: 6pm
Wednesday: 6pm 
Thursday: 6pm
Saturday: 10am
(636) 465-0538